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The Index on the right contains links to the Visual Guides to Fundamental Magic Techniques. Each guide explains one of the 10 essential palms, sleights and subtleties that any magician must master. The guides are clear, step by step instructions supported by photo illustrations of every step from both the audience and the magician's point of view.

I recommend that you work your way through these in order, taking plenty of time to master each one before moving on to the next.

It can be very useful to practice in front of a mirror to check that you have your angles right, but make sure you also practice without a mirror so that you don't become dependent on visual cues that will not be there in a performance situation. Practicing sometimes with your eyes closed can also be very useful. As with dancing, you should be relaxed and alert with all your senses and feel your way into the rhythm and choreography of each move.

Once you've mastered these fundamental techniques, you can go on to practice the professional applications which give you not only an opportunity to see how these techniques are combined into specific routines, but also the beginning of your performance repertoire. Each routine is fully explained and photgraphically illustrated. Learn the basic techniques thoroughly first as they are all used to create these effects.

Remember that learning good technique is only part of doing magic. The other and equally important part is the art of performance, style and misdirection required to turn a series of moves into a magical experience for your audience. I suggest that you carefully study the articles about how to perform magic to an audience.

Always take your time when learning, be patient and persistent, don't show anyone else until you are completely ready and can perform each effect effortlessly and above all...enjoy it.

Once you've learned all this, you will be armed with an arsenal of techniques equal to any professional magician. Just add your own creativity and imagination to develop a repertoire of unique, enjoyable routines and then...get out there and bring some magic into people's lives!

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magic tricks

There are literally hundreds of pages packed with amazing resources for you on this site so don't expect to find everything in one visit. Bookmark this page and make it easier to find and share next time. What do you want to do now? Click on one of the links below to get started...

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Coin Magic Visual Guides

The Classic Palm
Finger Palming 1
Finger Palming 2
Thumb Clip
Finger Clip
The French Drop
Backhand Subtlety
Wrist Subtlety

Professional Applications

High Impact Vanish
Vanish, Production, Coin through Hand
Retention Pass & Vanish

Card Magic Visual Guides

The Double Lift
The Glide
The Keepsake
The False Cut
Card Palming
A Simple Pass
The Controlled Shuffle
The Cross-Cut Force
Crimping a Card
Spotting a Card

Professional Applications

The Ambitious Card Described
The Ambitious Card Explained
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